Fault Lines

by United Fruit

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Kamikaze 03:48
I threw myself into the sea washed all my memories clean I'm holding on, I'm letting go, I raise my arms, I'm standing still The Surface feels so cold and soon the ground will crack a new release To make amends the fallen eye the crown of thorns the big goodbye A kamikaze straight into your heart bleeds happiness A certain contact pushing right through you so dance in time no time, time to lose You pick a puzzle of colliding thoughts Next hit, next hits the spot and then it's over A kamikaze straight into your heart bleeds happiness Happiness will take you away
Liar 02:26
There is a man, His life is good, wraped in cotton, misunderstood And if he comes home to dirty sheets, he'll look at me, his eyes are green Oh no, you slipped, confused, useless GO! If he falls down he won't get up He needs his mama to wipe it up He thinks it's ok, it's really not He needs his mama and that's enough It's a walk in the park You said it now man Free form ride, take it in turns, its a walk in the park.
Red Letter 03:08
Somewhere in between us lies a sickness in the belly of the animal And it wants to love you and it wants to love me and now I know Parading in our faces drawing traces round the smiles in our afterglow You want to love me and now I know A certain point of entry, attack on the right frame of mind I want to squeeze you tight but I can't stop shaking, can't stop looking And I know it will work if I close my eyes, if I hold my breath, I wan't to die I can't stop looking, can't stop shaking Can you make a connection? Can you make a call? How do you feel? Have you seen the red letter? How do you do?
Three 03:13
Broken heart with empty hands, running out of broken dreams The sweetest tune to comfort youth in broken dreams. Forgotten world, when I'm sad, I'm losing you That will change to understand the sweetest you Broken heart with empty hands...pretty soon Forgetton heart I'm losing her to another man Live by the hour the sweetest tune comforts me I'm watching you from afar the sweetest you Sweet words to die to Sweet words to kill you
So suffer the heart. You try to go for my energies. You're crying out like a battlefield without a battlefield to see. We're going down one and two, we're crying out in ecstacy. Well your heart is a battlefield. Well I'm feeling the dream, where I'm thinking I've got to be. Your heart is a battlefield, Your heart is a battlefield! Watch you know, confuse her now the rain I call my home. Everybody knows your past and you're present. Are you using me to? Confuser her now...
The Alarm 03:25
The killer kids push the road blocks away. The door was opened and nothing was saved. The neon girls lit up their bedrooms. I wouldn't but I have always had a fear of the light. I tried so hard to make it. Who are you to leave me? Down road, wrong path but take it. Dark days that will never end. The rubber necker's were chasing the tail. Corrupt women the meaning of hell. Dead girls light up their bedrooms. Leave me now. Roll baby, roll baby, rock and roll. Come along son and meet your maker. Silicone heart the fault of nature. Cry again please, it fills a hole. Chemical tears never did much for your soul, but that's alright.
I see it in your eyesa force to control as memories play back my heart on the floor, celebrate the death of our answers, they dissolve into a scene of pretenders. So you're going to do what you want. Changing the scene to do what you want. And you want us to be what you want but we will never be what you want. Dust to light burst the bubble and you might find it hard to please. Friends with the enemy. So you're out on a ledge thinking about what I said. And you're going to do what you want. I see it in your eyes. Wreak havoc. Take it in your stride I see it in your eyes... What's that man? I see it in your eyes. You put a rope around the neck, tightening your grip. But it's so hard to say what you are going to do next. You got to get a grip. But it's so hard to say You got to get a grip. Slowly slipping away from a stab in the heart, stab in the dark. Falling off the edge try holding onto something But you're crying like a baby, don't look at it, don't look at it! I want to fly.
I walk and breathe to stretch a smile a half a mile to please your presence, I can't let you go. You came for me in my sleep to wake me up from this dream to show me. Heavens eyes. I turn to you take a rest to complicate my loneliness I am never free. To play the card that should repeat my time is stolen by the beat of your heart. It makes me cry. She's like a wrecking ball. I've got to get down off of this wall. Before you arrive. Cool cool, you're so cruel. You say but you never!


This album wouldn't be here if it weren't for:

Chris Cusack,
Ash Pocock,
Ryan Drever,
Halina & Glasgow Podcart,
Dave Newitt,
Kim Campbell,
The Skinny,
Mary Doll (Stewart),
Vic Galloway,
Ash Morgan,
Ally, David and Detour Scotland,
Debbie Murdoch,
Dave Martin,
Dave Malone,
Steven Auld,
Campbell McClure,
Suki (For her cuddles),
Callum Couston,

We love you all.

To all our friends, family and bands you know who you are. We dedicate this to you.

Your pals,

United Fruit.


released May 30, 2011

United Fruit on this recording is:

Iskandar Stewart - Vocals/Guitar
Stuart Galbraith - Vocals/Guitar
Marco Panagopoulos - Bass
Marcin Dabrowski - Drums

This album was recorded by Ross McGowan at Chime Studios

This album was mixed by Chris Cassidy

This album was mastered by Carl Saff

The artwork for this album was created by Ash Morgan and Iskandar Stewart.


all rights reserved



United Fruit Glasgow

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